Acoustic EDM party

Pantaloons is a Slovenian band with a unique music genre and energetic stage performance. Luka Belič (saxophone), Aljaž Markežič (sousaphone), and David Nik Lipovac (drums), a vibrant and sometimes a bit (z)bouncy trio, first met in 2016 when they started experimenting with musical melodies and rhythms in a jam session form. After a few acoustic compositions, that are well represented on the Pantaloons EP (2019), their genre evolved to electronic dance music with a hint of jazz, funk, breakbeat, dubstep, and more. As Radio Študent’s choice for the concert tour Klubski Maraton in 2019, Pantaloons got to shake up the Slovenian music scene. Furthermore, in 2020 they performed at the international music festival MENT in Ljubljana and the Liverpool Sound City Festival, supported by INES#talent 2020. In 2021 they performed at the Electric Castle festival in Romania and European Youth Event in France. They opened 2022 with concerts at A38 Hajó in Budapest and Eurosonic Noordeslag in Groningen and in the following months of this year played at Nova Cvernovka in Bratislava, Hned Vedle in Prague, Brussels Jazz Weekend, HOP POP HOP in Orléans, Changeover in Belgrade, Bush in Budapest, and PIN international music conference in Skopje, supported by HEMI Music Awards 2022. Furthermore, in 2022 they created a theatre performance Razcufane zgodbe for youth at Mladinsko Theatre and released their first album Zbounce.

Luka Belič, saxophone // David Nik Lipovac, drums // Aljaž Markežič, sousaphone


ned, 30.07.2023 00:00Hrast
Pozor! Dogodek se odvija v noči iz SOB na NED oz. SOB pooozno zvečer :)