MAR, short for Marina, was born on 19th of May in 2000 in Kitchener Waterloo, Canada. She started playing guitar by the age of ten, learning how to improvise and playing in bands. She embarked on her solo musical journey in 2017 winning Imagine Festival in Croatia and as a reward she played as an opening act on Imagine Sweden Festival in Uddevalla. Her debut album “Calling Out” came out in 2019, which showcased a unique fusion of various music influences. MAR played as a support act for Tom Speight, Bebe Na Vole and Domagoj Simek. She gigged with Sofar Sounds global initiative in Sweden and Spain. Her sophomore album “Soanyway River” released last year, solidified her position as a rising star in the indie folk scene. Over the past few years, MAR has graced audiences in various European countries, including Sweden, Serbia, Slovenia, Hungary, the UK, and her home country, Croatia. Her captivating performances have earned her a dedicated fan base and critical acclaim worldwide. Moving to London in 2022 she started working on her new album with Sam Beer (Treetop Flyers) at his studio. She has also been a main part of a semi improvised feature music film “Scratches” alongside brilliant songwriter/actor Scott Mackie and cinematographer/dop Martyna Knitter. MAR is a big part of an open mic music scene in London, as she has been hosting them for the last six months trying to build a supportive music community and networking space. She played in various venues and pubs in London such as Temple Of Art And Music, Live at The Thornsett Road, The Old Church (Stoke Newington), MAP Studio Café, The Gladstone Arms, Morocco Bound Bookshop and The Guitar Social. MAR draws inspiration from a diverse range of artists, including Ben Howard, Bon Iver, Florence And The Machine, Fleetwood Mac, and the legendary Jeff Buckley. Her music reflects the soulful essence of her influences while maintaining a distinct and original sound

Marina Elezovic: guitar+vocal