La Burja Latina is a wild-sounding wind that travels across the ocean with the traditional rhythms and chants from fiery Latino America and flows through an infusion of coloured harmonies from the mystical Balkans. For the sharing ritual, La Burja Latina opens the stage with a vigorous guitar, passionate percussion, soulful gaitas (Colombian traditional flutes), and heartfelt vocals. Our music is inspired by Cumbia, a rhythm born in the Colombina Caribbean Cost, on the bench of the Magdalena River, a river that goes through the whole Colombian territory. Cumbia is born around 500 years ago and is the result of the encounter of three cultures. The natives that have been in the territory for more than 10,000 years, the African people brought by the European “Conquistadores” and the “Conquistadores” themselves.

Carol Gutierrez: Percutions and vocals, Lia: Percutions, Katarina Gregorič: Percutions, Guillermo Escalante: Percutions, Flutes, Guitar, Vocals , Camilo Acosta Mendoza: Percutions, Flutes, Vocals