Mark Loughrey, Elsdeer

Irish Experimental Folk

Mark Loughrey is an Experimental Folk singer-songwriter born in the North of Ireland, but based in Berlin. It was in his native Ireland that he first gained an interest in both Irish traditional folk and experimental music. He is currently working on his self-produced sophomore album, 'The Spring Asleep', which can be expected later this year. A multi-instrumentalist, his music weaves together elements of Irish folk, ambient soundscapes, loops, field recordings & stream-of-consciousness lyrics to create something entirely personal yet still existential. Joined by violinist and vocalist, Denise Dombrowski, aka. Elsdeer, this will be an show will be packed with atmospheric soundscapes, lush harmonies and captivating storytelling that will immerse you in a rich musical and literary heritage. ''A songwriter with a strong grasp of the more romantically-inclined twists and kinks of the human condition. Earthy, yet ethereal.'' - The Thin Air. ''Truly beautiful and magnetic, something that pulls you in and doesn't let go.'' - BBC, Across the Line ''His music crafts another world that we will no doubt be visiting again and again.'' - Yeo Magazine