Dunja Knebl, Roko Margeta

Unique Coratian Folk Fairy-Tale

Dunja Knebl & Roko Margeta perform unique arangements of old traditional songs, mostly from Croatia but other countries as well, on traditional and egzotic instruments from all over the world. Their debut collaborative album "Svilarica Svilu Prede" (The Spinstress is Spinning the Silk) from 2019, featuring mostly unkown Croatian traditional songs, found itself on the Transglobal World Music Chart in early 2020. https://dunjaknebl.bandcamp.com/album/svilarica-svilu-prede Winter of 2021 marks the release of the second collaborative effort, "Songbook Songs", which featured songs from many other countries, most of which Dunja had lived in throughout her life, and serves as a semi-biographical journey. The album as well managed to find itself on the World Music Charts Europe. https://dunjaknebl.bandcamp.com/album/songbook-songs Although Dunja & Roko are almost half a decade apart in age, their worldview and life experiences meld together, as does their music, which creates a certain atmosphere and feeling as though there are many more band members present on stage, and lulls you into a fairy tale-like vibe.