Illyricum Canticum

Dino Murtezani: kaval, vocals, clarinet, lute Urška Bergant: vocals, violin Tilen Stepišnik: nylon-string acoustic guitar, tambura Šemsudin Dino Džopa: steel-string acoustic guitar, mandolin Jure Bergant: double bass Aleš Zorec: percussion

Music From Albania And Balkans

Dino Murtezani Project is a world-music group performing traditional music of Albania and the Balkan region, arranged by the musicians, as well as their own original compositions. The project is lead by multi-instrumentalist and vocalist Dino Murtezani, whose main instrument is a mystical kaval, a traditional end-blown flute played in the south-east region of the Balkans. Murtezani also plays the clarinet, mandolin and lute. Building on their long-standing musical collaboration, Murtezani has joined forces with multi-instrumentalists of the renowned Slovene acoustic guitar duo Aritmija, Tilen Stepišnik and Šemsudin Dino Džopa. Stepišnik and Džopa will also play tambura and mandolin, respectively. Murtezani's deep kaval will be softened by the sensual and raspy vocals of Urška Bergant, Murtezani's co-lead vocalist and violin player. The meticulous rhythm backbone behind the lyrical melodies are Jure Bergant on double bass and Aleš Zorec on percussion.