22. 7. - 30. 7. 2023

Cena 350€

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Participants will make puppets, figures, of big dimensions, as they do every year, when mentors lead a workshop at the festival Floating castle. The puppets will be animated with basic mechanisms. The puppets will be grotesque and expressive, aligned with the theme of the festival and the festival site itself. Each participant will create their own original creature. First the participants will follow the guidelines of both mentors and the basic principles of making figures from paper and cardboard material. During the workshop we will focus on the making of the puppets and during the creations of those already trying to animate them. The puppets will then be used as part of the processions during the festival.

Brane Solce (SI), Sanja Fidler (SI)

Teatro Papelito is the new name for the theater Papilu, which was established in 1982. It has toured all over Europe, as well as Japan, USA, Israel, etc. The base of this little, completely author's traveling theater (Brane Solce being the author) is paper, a material that enables infinite possibilities of creation and metamorphosis. The explicitly visual language of metaphors and symbols are connected with music and sounds, the narrative uses no words, but tells the story almost as an animated paper picture book.

Forty years ago Brane Solce invented his little traveling paper theater that has been touring international renown festivals all over the world. In this theater he combines his many interests: from making paper creatures to composing music, scenographic arrangements, etc. The shows are somewhat playful little animated paper musicals/ picture books. Over 50 shows have been performed, each one of them in different techniques: from big masks, to paper accordions, to little boxes, cut out shadow figures, etc. His basic material is material, which offers numerous ways of design. Along with this he also does film and video animation, cartoons, music, photography, graphic and many other things.

In the last few years Brane Solce has been performing with his talented partner Sanja Fidler, who works with him in interactive shows. They have toured through festivals in Slovenia, Sweden, Belgium, Italy, they have been invited to Brazil, … and there is so much more of the world to be explored by Teatro Papelito!

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