foR VisitoRS

TICKETS Presale festival tickets are available online at MOJEKARTE as well as at their selling  across Slovenia. Tickets are available at a discounted price until July 26th. Daily tickets can only be purchased at the festival entrance.

  • Early Bird until 31. 12. 2023 39 €
  • Early Bears until 31. 5. 2023 49 €
  • Presale until 26. 7. 2023 59 €

From Thursday, July 27th, to Saturday, July 29th, tickets can be purchased at the festival entrance one hour before the start of the program. Ticket prices on-site are as follows:

  • Festival ticket 70 €
  • Festival ticket (students, seniors) 50 €
  • Daily ticket, Thursday, July 27th 20 €
  • Daily ticket, Friday, July 28th 35 €
  • Daily ticket, Saturday, July 29th 35€
  • Daily ticket for residents of Loška dolina 10€
  • Sunday, July 30th, admission is free!

Children below the age of 14 are granted free entry. Personal assistants of disabled visitors are granted free entry.

Program starts on Thursday at 17:00 and lasts until Sunday at 16:00, when the festival closes. For more information, check the festival programme.

ACCOMODATION Camping is included in the festival ticket. There are two dedicated camping areas. First is on a meadow by the festival site. Second one is in a field, 800m away from the festival site. Communal cold-water showers and drinkable tap water will be available at the festival site. There are no power outlets at the camping areas. Visitors can cook their own meals using a camping stove, but open fires are PROHIBITED. Camper vans can be parked in the parking area

HOW TO GET TO US The festival is happening at Castle Snežnik (Kozarišče 67, 1396 Stari trg pri Ložu). In order to keep CO2 emissions low, try to co-share the rides to the festival venue. You can join the Ride share to Floating Castle Festival Facebook group, where you can either offer or request a ride to the festival. From Ljubljana to the festival you can also come by: Prevozi (“Ljubljana” – “Stari trg pri Ložu”) or bus Nomago (”Ljubljana Avtobusna Postaja” – ” Stari trg pri Ložu/ Iga Vas/ Iga Vas Š”). The closest railway station is at Rakek, where you then take the bus to Stari trg pri Ložu.

PARKING Those coming by car will be able to park at a specially designated parking area before entering the festival venue. Because the festival site is a protected area, we kindly ask you to follow the signposts or/ and the instructions of the staff. In short: don’t park where someone will bark. By following this simple rule you are helping us to maintain good relations with the local owners of the land. We would ask you to move all the cars from the parking place until Sunday 20.7.2023, by 20:00 the latest.

FESTIVAL SITE (in progress...)

TOILETS Sanitary facilities will be provided at the festival venue. We are currently working on implementing more environmentally friendly options.

WATER There will be access to drinkable tap water at the festival venue, where you can refill your water bottles.

WASTE We kindly demand of you to dispose of any garbage in the bins provided. Please, separate waste, so that it can be recycled. Please, do not litter and do not throw cigarette butts on the ground. You are expected to tidy up your camping spot before you leave and leave it in pristine condition.

MARKETPLACE There will be different stalls at the festival market place: from bits and bobs, to hand made craft products to food and drinks. We kindly address the visitors to bring their own plates and cutlery, so we can minimize the amount of garbage that will be generated at the festival. You are allowed to bring and consume your own food and drinks at the festival. We must stress that open fires are prohibited!!! There will be garbage collecting stations on the festival site, where you can dispose of waste. There will also be ashtrays. Please, make an effort to leave the beautiful castle and its surroundings clean.

PETS The festival is pet-friendly. We kindly ask you to clean up after your pets.

FAMILIES Camping facilities are very basic. Families and those seeking a quieter environment have the option to camp in a more peaceful area located a short walk away from the main festival site (approximately 10 minutes on foot).

A special program section is dedicated to children and families. You can find more information under the 'Programme' section.

Childcare options: In the nearby village of Klance (8 km from the festival venue), the SATIA institute offers childcare services by appointment. Parents can also bring their children to Petra's holiday camp, which runs from Monday to Friday (July 24th - July 28th, 2023). SATIA institute has prepared a diverse holiday program for school-age children (8-14 years old), offering activities in untouched nature, interactions with animals, and various workshops for the body and mind. Attention – “Floating castle” parents receive a special discount! For more information, please contact Petra Komidar at 031 325 512 or visit the SATIA institute website. You can also check their Facebook page for more details."