22. 7. - 30. 7. 2023

Cena 350€

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The participants will learn how to rhyme in free verse. During the workshop they will learn how to make a rap song on the spot based on a few suggestions from the audience. We will learn how to use quick word associations through association games, how to react in the moment to the performing space and/ or the audience, we will learn how to improvise a story, how to perform and attract the audience and finally how to get the material from our own imaginations.

The purpose of the workshop is to bring freestyle rap culture closer to the people. It is to encourage the young and the old to speak, think, talk, express feelings, thoughts, nurture critical thinking and reflecting current affairs of the world with the help of rap and possibly inspire them to other musical creations.

With the help of improvisation we want to help the individual with interaction with people and give them tools to understand the experience and point of view from other people with no prejudice. The aim is also to let people know that rap is poetry accompanied with music and that it can be a great tool to express feelings, social issues and can bring forth the creative potential of the individual. It's also how to keep, understand and creatively use language.

Urh Mlakar (SI)

Urh Mlakar is a 25- year old performing artist from Ljubljana. He does a lot of things: dubbing cartoons, working as a MC of different events, acting, producing music, directing, screenplay and working as an animator. As a raper he is part of the collective UM & KUNA Freeystle show, as a backvocalist he is part of the hip hop fusion band Skova and Skovani. As a mentor and an animator of improv theater workshops he works on a regular basis with Mladi Zmaji, ULCA, ŠKD Gor, CMK Koper, Pionirski dom, Asvalt. He is also the reigning national champion of freestyle rap.

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