22. 7. - 30. 7. 2023

Cena 350€

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Partner acrobatics is an incredibly fun practice involving two or more people, with one person as the ‘base’ lifting, moving and supporting another person as a ‘flyer’.

In this workshop we’ll explore how to support each other in balance, counter-balance and lifts. We will draw techniques from circus arts, dance, hand to hand acrobatics, acroyoga and play with different tools to build amazing images with our bodies. We will learn safe ways of practicing skills and work on trusting, connecting and most importantly communicating with others. We'll start off with a group warmup, then dive into a guided sequence of tricks. This is an all-levels class, so the difficulty will be based on your personal skill level, meaning you may be working on different variations of the same trick. You don’t necessarily need a partner as we’ll focus a lot on working in groups. Because being upside down plays a big role in partner acrobatics, we’ll also dedicate a part of the workshop to handstands and body conditioning.

Suitable for any level and for people who are motivated to learn :).

IMPORTANT: When applying for the workshop, please tell us if you have any experience in partner acrobatics, handstands, dance or any physical practice for that matter. Prior knowledge is not a prerequisite. The info you give us will help us organize the workshop better. Thank you!

Inan Du Swami (SI), Mojca Špik (SI)

The workshop will be led by Inan Du Swami and Mojca Špik. They studied circus arts in Switzerland, specializing in hand to hand / partner acrobatics. Together they’ve created multiple performances and theater shows in which they combine dance, circus arts and physical theater. They are also the creators of Moveblocks, a platform with a playful perspective on movement and fitness.

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