Etno Histeria World Orchestra

100 musicians from 21 countries take Slovenia by storm

Etno Histeria World Orchestra is an international project that has been connecting superb musicians from across the globe for 20 years. Following a week of intensive week of mutual learning and shared creativity amongst the vineyards of Slovenian Istria, the orchestra in its unique one-time formation embarks on a tour. The orchestra stuns with a delicious concoction of songs from around the world, each tune personalized by distinctive approach from each of the participants. Led by a group of experienced mentors, it plays by ear without musical notation and continuously produces fresh dynamics through improvisation. In its two-hour show the 100 member ensemble takes you on a journey from South America, through Balkans, across Istria over to Scandinavia and the Middle East.

The vicennial edition of Etno Histeria Orchestra will be marked by concerts on stages (Taverna), village squares and meadows (Škocjan, Zabavlje), in prisons, churches (Sv. Francisek), online streams and finally with a spectacular finale at Floating Castle Festival 2022. Following this creative madness, the orchestra disbands and never plays in such a formation again.

Public events 2022:

  • 25. 7. ob 19:30 - Koper, Lapidarij: intro Hannah James and Toby Kuhn
  • 26. 7. ob 20:30 - Truške, under the village oak tree: dance evening
  • 28. 7. ob 21:00 - Kubed: band presentation

Etno Histera World Orchestra 2022 Concerts:

  • 30. 7. at 20:00 - Zabavlje
  • 31. 7. ob 21:00 - Škocjan, by the church
  • 1. 8. at 20:30 - Via Bonafata, Barcola, Trieste, Italy
  • 2. 8. at 21:00 - Koper: hall of Sv. Frančiška & live stream on RA Koper
  • 3. 8. at 20:00 - Koper: Taverna
  • 5. 8. at 20:00 - Castle Snežnik, Floating Castle Festival